Big Brothers

Hoss Hat 

Hoss Cartwright was the "big" brother on the popular 1960s TV western "Bonanza," who wore a stylized 10-gallon cowboy hat. "I watched all those shows when I was a kid," Chris said. "This hat is my tribute to Hoss."


Malcolm's Cherry

"One of my friends wanted to clear all the scrub trees off his lot. He asked if I had interest in any of the trees," Chris said. "In the middle of the growth was the biggest cherry tree I had ever seen in my life! It was 80 feet tall and forty feet from the ground to the first branch."


Who's On First?

"I always got a kick out of the Abbott and Costello comedy routine 'Who's On First?'," Chris said. "So, I thought, I need to turn that into a piece of art." He got his opportunity when the American Association of Woodturners held its annual invitational exhibition at the Louisville Slugger Museum in 2000. "Every year they have a theme for the symposium. That year it was 'Step Up to the Plate.'"