Custom Logo Pyro Engraved Caps

Baseball Cap Collection Baseball Cap Collection

Collectors from around the country have ordered custom logo pyro engraved baseball caps. Chris's personal favorite is the one with the Kentucky ”K” logo.

The blanks for the caps are harvested from a green (fresh cut) tree. Chris turns and sands the hat on a lathe, then achieves the final shaping with a custom-made jig and rubber bands.

A contrasting colored piece of wood is used to apply the hat-band color (generally Chris uses Ebony, Padauk, Purple Heart or Rosewood, depending upon the color desired). The complementing wood is burnished on the raised hat-band and the color is absorbed by the hat.

Chris pyro engraves the cap segment lines and ebonizes them. Then, with meticulous attention to detail, he pyro engraves and colorizes (using archival inks) the desired team or company logo.

Finally, around 20 coats of lacquer are applied in a controlled environment, over a period of several days, depending upon the type of wood. Each coat brings out the natural beauty of the wood. The final coats are ”misted” on the hat to give a truly radiant final appearance.