Hoss Cartwright 10-Gallon Hat

DETAILS: Cherry, Ebony burnished hat band, 6-inch brim, 8-inch crown, matte finish
SIZE: full size

President Bush's Cowboy Hat

DETAILS: English Walnut, Ebony and Paduak burnished hat band, matte finish
SIZE: full size
PRIVATE COLLECTION: Presented to President George W. Bush in the White House Oval Office 

Red Oak Cowboy Hat

"The first red oak cowboy hat I made was for Christi Todd Whitman (former Governor of New Jersey and the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency)," Chris said. "Red oak is the state tree of New Jersey."


More Than a Baseball Cap

This Red Sox insignia baseball cap is in the permanent collection of the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, Massachusetts (a suburb of Boston). The cap was first unveiled at a museum show entitled "Across the Grain: Turned and Carved Wood," April 10 through September 22, 2013.