Learn from a Master Craftsman

Chris is a popular and much-sought-after demonstrator. He leads workshops for turning clubs and has been featured at various regional symposiums. He welcomes the opportunity to share his knowledge and skills with others. He is a member of the American Association of Woodturners, The Southern Highlands Craft Guild and the Kentucky Craft Marketing Program.

"It took me years to know what the wood I work with looks like inside. That's the key. You have to know what's inside before you start."
Chris Ramsey

Chris Ramsey was introduced to woodturning in 1993 and became a full time woodturner in 1999. His work can be found in numerous galleries, craft shops, permanent collections of museums, and many private collections. His artwork has found its way into some famous and influential collections — actors and actresses, country music singers, professional athletes and politicians, including George W. Bush. Ramsey has exhibited in the United States, East Asia and Europe.

In his early days of turning, the hobby consumed Chris and he spent most of his free time seeking felled trees and perfecting his technique. He has studied with a variety of outstanding turners and quickly rose to the level of master turner. Chris turns in a variety of styles and is constantly seeking to develop new styles and approaches to the art of wood turning. He began turning on a Delta lathe and currently uses a 3 hp Oneway 2436 as his primary lathe.

Chris has been a technician in the electronics industry, a manager for a construction company, a builder, a facilities manager of a major bank, and owned and operated his own business. He was born in New York City, educated in Utah, California and Kentucky. He is married and the proud father of two sons.