Corporate Projects

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For more than 50 years, JET has been a top supplier of woodworking, metalworking, material handling, air tools and other shop tools that deliver the best in quality, service and innovation. One of the largest corporate events for JET is the Woodworking Magazine Editor Conference and the Local Media Conference in LaVergne, TN, just minutes outside of Nashville. At the August 2013 meeting, attendees received special collectibles commissioned by JET and crafted by Master Woodturner Chris Ramsey.

“We just LOVE the hats!!!” said Joan Duvall, Director of Product Management-Wood at Walter Meier, Inc. "JET wanted to work with Chris because his reputation for fine craftsmanship and attention to detail is a perfect fit with JET and its line of woodworking tools.”

"The folks at JET and Powermatic were wonderful to work with," said Chris. "When the order was completed I had turned 80 of the miniature cowboy hats out of Ambrosia Maple and, by hand, I pyro-engraved and colored the JET corporate logo on each hat before applying a finish. I’ve included a mini hat stand turned from walnut for each of the mini-hats to be given as gifts to international magazine editors as well as local media attendees.”

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Included in the commission were two full size cowboy hats including an Ambrosia Maple hat with the Corporate JET logo, a walnut hat with the Corporate POWERMATIC logo and two full size hat stands. The two full size hats and stands have found a home in the Walter Meier Inc. Permanent Collection.

Chris works closely with corporate managers to develop collectibles and one-of-a-kind works of art to make events memorable. If your company is looking for something unique for a special event or occasion, give Chris a call at (606) 677-2466 or he can be reached by email.

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