Rosewood Dreams

"You can't afford to buy it today. Gold is cheaper!" Chris said. He is speaking specifically about Honduran Rosewood burl— prized by fine instrument makers and wood turners around the world — which was listed as an endangered species and banned from export by the Honduran government more than two decades ago.

DETAILS: Honduran Rosewood, manufactured edge with a bead rim, turned and carved legs, matte finish
SIZE: 10" w x 6.5" h (large), 6.5" x 3.5" h (small)
AVAILABLE: Large, $4,000; Small, $1,500

More than 6 years ago Chris had an opportunity to fly to Belize and spend a week hunting rosewood burl in a six-mile stretch of land bordering Honduras. After successfully tracking it down, he legally imported three large shipping containers of the wood (much of which he still has available).

"I have a book at home on Native American pottery. When making these pieces I was inspired by the photographs of their beautiful forms," Chris said. "The beaded rims on top of the bowls add a touch of elegance and provide the eye a place to begin."


bowl-feet-detail COX8952-900