Thorn & Sphere

“I had ordered about 50 burls from the West Coast and, out of all the burls that were shipped, this one had a horrible shape, had a branch growing out of it and was just ugly.” Chris said. “I wasn’t happy that my supplier shipped it to me. I turned all of the other burls but could not figure out what to do with this one.”

DETAILS: Big Leaf Maple Burl, turned on three axis’s, carved, dyed, black locust thorn, maple burl sphere
SIZE: 20” h x 6” d

After several months of tripping over it and moving it out of the way Chris put it on the lathe. “As I was about to cut the branch off with a chainsaw my vision of the piece finally came to me — leave the branch on it and use it as a pedestal foot on the piece.” Now every time Chris orders burl he asks his supplier, “Any chance you have a few burls with branches growing out of them?”